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Building and Pest Inspection Lota

If you are buying or selling in Lota we can provide a number of different Building Inspection Reports depending on your current needs such as:

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Lota (4179)

16 km on the Eastside of Brisbane, Lota (4179)  is mainly a post-war suburb which is increasingly being gentrified with upmarket seaside properties. Originally Lota was purchased by squatter William White in 1862, being named after his wife's family home in Ireland. Situated on Moreton Bay, a portion of the suburb is mainly mudflat and mangrove swampland. Lota has a number of heritage listed sites and is accessible to Brisbane via regular train services. Lota is also well serviced by a hospital, several schools, sporting clubs, an environmental park, and camping reserve incorporating playgrounds, cooking facilities and a boat ramp.

As of 2011, 3,200 people called Lota home, their average age being 38 years. Residents were born in Australia, England, New Zealand, and to a minor extent, South Africa. English is primary language spoken solely at home.