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Building and Pest Inspection Logan Reserve

If you are buying or selling in Logan Reserve we can provide a number of different Building Inspection Reports depending on your current needs such as:

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Logan Reserve (4133)

Located 30 km to Brisbane's south, Logan Reserve (4133) was founded when land was released for settlers in 1862. Originally, a cotton farming and timber getting community, tobacco cultivation was introduced in the early 1900s. A school/church was the first community building to be erected in 1864. Today, Logan Reserve is a mix of native bushland and residential with homes being older and  established on large acreages with limited suburban style development.

In 2011, 2100 people lived in Logan Reserve, their average age being 30 years, with majority of residents being Anglo-Australian. A minority were born in Cambodia, Fiji, and Samoa with Samoan, Khmer, Hmong, and Vietnamese spoken alongside English at home.