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Lawnton (4501)

On the Northside, 23km to the Brisbane CBD's north, Lawnton (4501) derived its name from an early settler, Stephen Lawn whose property was acquired by Queensland Rail and then named Lawnton. The suburb is located adjacent the North Pine River and is intersected by a major arterial road linking Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.

Lawnton is a mix of residential, industrial and commercial, the latter being concentrated along the major thoroughfare. An alluvial sand mine is also operational in Lawnton. Lawnton also has several parks with recreational facilities, a large cemetery, several schools, and regular rail access to Brisbane, the surrounding suburbs and the Sunshine Coast.

In 2011, 5300 people called Lawnton home, their average age is 36 years. Although most were Anglo-Australian, a minority were from the Philippines. Almost all spoke only English at home.