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Kenmore (4069)

Located 10 km to Brisbane's south-west and on the Brisbane River, Kenmore (4069) is a leafy suburb inhabited mainly by professionals and families living in detached housing. Its proximity to the Brisbane River makes it vulnerable to flooding as occurred in 2010. Developed in the 1950s and 1960s, Kenmore is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity and hence being modernised. There are numerous schools, restaurants, a couple of large shopping centres, community facilities, several churches, and abundant recreational facilities including boating ramps, horse riding and playing fields, walking and cycling tracks, and a variety of sporting venues for soccer, football, physical fitness.

Kenmore is well connected via a major arterial road and a freeway to both Brisbane city and St Lucia's University of Queensland where many of its residents work as academics. Kenmore has no rail station. Although a rail extension was proposed into the area in the 1890s, it was never constructed.

In 2011, 8400 people lived in Kenmore, their average age is 39 years. Although most residents were Anglo-Australian, a minority were from South Africa, India and United States. English was predominantly spoken at home with Mandarin spoken in isolated cases.