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Kelvin Grove (4059)

Just 3 km from Brisbane's centre, Kelvin Grove (4059) is a steep suburb which is named for a village in Scotland. Kelvin Grove is a mix of is leafy residential with light commercial and industrial consolidated along its thoroughfare, Kelvin Grove Road, also the site of the La Boite Theatre and the Queensland University of Technology. Like other inner suburbs, Kelvin Grove's residential is an eclectic mix of traditional Queenslanders, post-war cottages, and more recent high-density apartments

Electric trams serviced the suburb from 1901 until 1968 when they were replaced by diesel and then natural gas buses providing regular access to the city and surrounding suburbs. Until 1998 army barracks occupied a substantial site until it was redeveloped as an urban village integrated into the campus of the University. Kelvin Grove continues to have a wealth of historically listed buildings.

In 2011, 6000 people lived in Kelvin Grove, the population is young because of the prevalence of university students, their average age being 27 years. Although residents were primarily Anglo-Australian, Kelvin Grove is also a multicultural community with residents being from South East Asia, Saudi Arabia, India, and China so that Arabic, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean were spoken alongside English at home.