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Hillcrest (4118)

Located 24 km south of Brisbane, Hillcrest (4118) was formally recognised as a suburb in 1987 and is known for its Wineglass Water Tower built in 1984, which is widely visible, especially when illuminated at night. An ambulance station was built adjacent the tower in 1982 as was a fire station but this was relocated in 1986.

A police station was opened in 1988, followed in 2000 by a police office in Hillcrest's extensive shopping complex, the Grand Plaza. In 2002, all police facilities were upgraded to include a Juvenile Aid Bureau and support the latest state of the art police work.

In 2011, 5300 people lived in Hillcrest, their average age being 31 years.residents were mainly Anglo-Australian with a minority from the Philippines. Most spoke only English at home with Samoan being an exception.