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Hemmant (4174)

11 km to the Eastside of Brisbane, Hemmant (4174) was originally founded in 1858 as a fruit and vegetable farming area which was converted to sugar cane in the 1860s. A cooperative sugar mill was established to service this industry in 1872. Queensland's oldest school was established in 1864 but eventually closed in 2010. Likewise, a zoo was opened in 1889 but closed by the late 1890s. In 1988 a quarry site was refashioned into a reserve with walking tracks and picnic facilities. Host to numerous heritage sites, Hemmant is well served by regular rail access to Brisbane.

As of 2011, 2,500 people lived in Hemmant, their average age being 34 years. Most residents being of Anglo-Australian descent from New Zealand, England and Australia, although a small minority were from the Philippines. A large percentage spoke only English at home.