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Greenslopes (4120)

Located on the Southside 5 km south-east of Brisbane within a bend of Norman Creek. It is primarily residential, although, after inclusion of Stones Corner, it now includes commercial, trendy small eateries, boutique shopping and light industry.

Originally pastureland, the area was opened up to residential development with the provision of trams which were eventually shut down in 1969. Early development is characterised by pre-war homes which are currently being preserved. The challenge to new development given the pressures of demand due to the scarcity of land so close to the city is to ensure that new properties are built in keeping with the original look and feel of Greenslopes early architecture and street landscape. Greenslopes is a very densely populated suburb despite having few high rise buildings with most multi-dwelling developments being limited to lower level 3 stories.

Greenslopes is well situated with easy public busway access to Brisbane city as well as suburbs north and south as it sits within the confluence of major arterial roads and the Southeast Freeway. It is also the location of Greenslopes Private Hospital specialising in rehabilitation and treatment of defence veterans but which has also recently undergone major refurbishments and expansion, the latter being a source of contention as the growth of the hospital has resulted in friction over increased traffic and less available on-street parking.

Greenslopes is also serviced by a modern shopping precinct and apart from state schools also hosts a thriving Natural Medicine College which has given the area an economic boost. Greenslopes has always attracted migrant settlement as evidenced by its Synagogue and Lebanese Catholic Church. However, because of its inclusion of Stones Corner, noted for its Indians, Middle Easterners, Africans, and more recently Punjabis, the emphasis has shifted from Greeks and Italians. Nevertheless, Greenslopes continues to be a vibrant mix of various ethnic communities which set the tone for small its numerous eateries, cafes, butcheries and delicatessens as well as factory outlets.

Greenslopes is home to about 8,500 residents with an average age of 32 years. About 36% were born overseas, and apart from English (75%), the most common language spoken at home are various Indian languages e.g. Punjabi and Hindi (2.5%).