Building Inspection Ferny Grove

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Ferny Grove (4055)

Located 16 km to Brisbane's north-west, Ferny Grove (4055) was originally known for its forested parklands and valleys adjacent Kedron Brook. Post-war, while still undeveloped, Ferny Grove was the site of a nightsoil sanitation station which was closed and converted into a Tramway Museum in the 1960s. A substantial refuse tip and waste transfer station were later established in the 1980s.  Residential development began in earnest in the 1960s. Prior to this, Ferny Grove was mainly industrial with a substantial tile factory and clay pit.

Today Ferny Grove is dominated by parkland, has a number of schools, rail services to Brisbane and northern suburbs, and numerous bus services. In 2011, 5600 people lived in Ferny Grove, their average age is 38 years. Most residents were Anglo-Australian with a minority from South Africa, most speaking only English at home.