Building Inspection Everton Park

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Everton Park (4053)

About 7 km north of Brisbane, Everton Park is mainly a residential suburb of semi-detached and high-density properties. It is intersected by two major thoroughfares for buses and motor vehicles linking Brisbane to northern suburbs and the Sunshine Coast. Everton Park is also well serviced by train stations in adjacent suburbs and bike/pathways.

The council is also working on upgrading east-west motorway links. Apart from a major shopping centre in an adjacent suburb, there is also a local shopping complex as well as various shopping strips and a Homemaker Centre. Four schools service the area.

In 2011 8300 people lived in Everton Park, their average age is 37 years, with 83% born in Australia, New Zealand or England - Italy was a notable exception such that, apart from Italian, English was spoken almost exclusively at home.