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Darra (4076)

Located 14 km to Brisbane's southwest and one of its older suburbs, Darra (4076) was first subdivided in 1864 and with Vietnamese settlement in the mid-1970s, became well known for its high migrant population. Its houses tend to be low-set postwar timber Queenslanders built on large blocks which are attracting younger families wanting to split the blocks to build more modern homes.

Also recently, developers have moved in to build higher density townhouse and medium rise unit complexes, in turn increasing the population. Industrial areas are being upgraded and developed and facilities such as recreational parks and streets scapes are being upgraded and rejuvenated. This, together with several schools, and ready access to regular train and bus services as well as proximity to the Centenary and Ipswich Motorways, are promoting increased population and rapid urban growth.

In 2011, 3840 people lived in Darra, their average age is 32 years. More than half of all residents were born overseas in countries such as Vietnam, Samoa, India, and the Philippines with languages including Samoan, Arabic, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Spanish spoken alongside English at home.