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Daisy Hill (4127)

Located 24 km south of Brisbane and adjoining the Pacific Motorway, Daisy Hill (4127) is a combination of residential and conservation parkland. About 1870, the first Europeans, the Dennis family settled in Daisy Hill, followed by farmers such as the Usher family. In 1874 the Daisy Hill State Forest was set aside as a timber reserve, then in 1917 formally recognised as a State Forest and in 1986 extended to a Park, and later in 2006, a conservation area for wildlife protection. From 1901 to 1952 a portion of the original reserve was used as a rifle range.

In 2011, 6300 people lived in Daisy Hill, their average age is 37 years with most being Anglo-Australian, and a minority from Korea and South Africa such that in a small number of cases, Korean was spoken alongside English at home.