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Corinda (4075)

Located 9 km to Brisbane's south-west, Corinda (4075) was settled in the 1860s for farming when the Francis family purchased land in the area and named after an early cattle property. Many of its original traditional Queenslander homes date back to this time. Rail was extended into the area in 1874 and a commercial district began to emerge in the 1920s. The RSL was established in 1964, followed by a major shopping centre. Due to its proximity to the Brisbane River and Oxley Creek, Corinda is vulnerable to flooding and landslip as occurred in 1974.

Today, Corinda has several parks and forest reserves, four schools, at least three churches and regular rail and bus services to Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. In 2011, 4700 people lived in Corinda, their average age being 39 years. Most were Anglo-Australian, with a minority from India and almost all spoke English exclusively at home.