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Chelmer (4068)

Located only 7 km to Brisbane's west, Chelmer (4068) is an affluent residential suburb prized for its quiet leafy streets and low density housing characterised by large traditional timber Queenslander homes with  wide verandas and galvanised iron roofs. One of Brisbane's most sought after addresses, Laurel Avenue, is well known for being lined by Camphor Laurel trees which are in fact a pest because their invasive roots damage sewerage pipes. However, more recently, large modern brick homes have been introduced. In 2011, Chelmer was severely affected by the Brisbane floods, with many homes being submerged because of the suburb's location in a bend of the Brisbane River. Bisected by rail and two bridges, Chelmer is also home to several well established football clubs.

In 2011, 2600 people lived in Chelmer, their average age being 38 years. Although most residents were Anglo-Australian, a minority were also from the United States with English being spoken almost exclusively at home.