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If you are buying or selling in Chandler we can provide a number of different Building Inspection Reports depending on your current needs such as:

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Chandler (4155)

On the Eastside 14 km from the Brisbane CBD, Chandler (4155) is a semi-rural suburb consisting of bushland and residential acreage properties. It was named after a Brisbane Lord Mayor and is best known for its major sporting and entertainment Centre, the construction of which was an attempt to attract settlement into the area which had persisted as sparsely populated bushland. This complex also features a large park and ride facility linking Chandler to the city and surrounding suburbs.

In 2011, 1,400 people lived in Chandler, their average age being 42 years. Residents were primarily Anglo Australian from England, New Zealand and Australia, although Italy was a notable exception. English was the primary language spoken at home with Italian and Greek as second languages.