Building Inspection Carole Park

Building and Pest Inspection Carole Park 

If you are buying or selling in Carole Park we can provide a number of different Building Inspection Reports depending on your current needs such as:

​You can find out more about each of our services by visiting our building & pest inspection services page or contacting us.

Carole Park (4300)

Located about 20 km to Brisbane's southwest, Carole Park (4300) was formally recognised as a suburb in 1972. Prior to the 1940s it was rural farmland. In the mid 1960s when electricity and water was provided to the area, construction of extensive housing commission estates followed. In 2010, Carole Park was intersected by the Logan Motorway with one side being residential and part of Brisbane and the other side being industrial and part of Ipswich. It residential side was renamed Ellen Grove (4078)  as part of Brisbane while the remaining industrial section continued as part of Ipswich.