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Camp Hill (4152)

Camp Hill (4152) is primarily a residential suburb, sited 6 km from the Brisbane CBD on the Eastside. Originally settled by dairy farmers such as the Whites who purchased land in 1873. There was an influx of population following a land boom in the 1880s. Isaac Bennett set up a rose farm, the Zahels established a vineyard, and the Fiveashes a fruit and vegetable farm. During World War II the Americans built a hospital. A bus and tram service, several schools, and churches were established in Camp Hill during the 1920s. Between 1912 and 1926 a steam train service was extended into Camp Hill and replaced by an electric tram which was shut down in 1969. Although there is no longer any rail access, the area is well serviced by bus transport. It also has a large shopping centre incorporating major retailers and a nature reserve.

As of 2011, 10,500 people called Camp Hill home, their average age being 35 years. Most were Anglo-Australian although a notable minority were born in India. English was primarily spoken at home, with the exception being Italian.