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Burbank (4156)

Located 21 km southeast of Brisbane, Burbank (4156) was named for with Alfred Burbank a surveyor resident in 1890 or Frank Burbank a horse trader. Burbank is a wooded suburb, laced with small creeks and formally designated as a conservation area. Various natural reserves have been established to protect bush flora and the habitat of native fauna, especially koalas. It is host to a number of operational farms, nurseries and turf farms. There are several churches, temples and a Jewish school but no schools or shops and restricted public transport. Housing is typically large modern prestigious homes on acreage blocks with gardens. Burbank is also home to the Leslie Harrison Dam built in the 1960s to provide water for Redland City. To prevent contamination of this water supply, burbank's population density has been kept low at about 1100, and this in turn, has meant that this is an affluent suburb with very expensive homes.