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Brookfield (4069)

Located 13 km to Brisbane's west to the south of well forested National Park, Brookfield (4069) is mainly semi-rural residential with large prestigious homes on acreage. Initially the area was settled in 1869 for timber getting and farming. A school was built in 1874 and a post office in 1876. A cemetery was opened in 1882, a town hall in 1931 and the first Brookfield Show in 1910 continues to this day. Brookfield has two schools but their are another three schools in adjoining suburbs.

Brookfield's residents tend to be older established affluent professionals and business people. In 2011, 3700 people lived in Brookfield, their average age being 44 years. Most were Anglo-Australian with a minority from South Africa and the United States. German was spoken alongside English in a minority of homes.