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Bray Park (4500)

Bray Park has an average median house price of approx. $385,000 and an average unit price of approx. $365,000. A very common question ABIS staff are asked is ‘Do I need a Pest Inspection on my unit?’ Although you may feel a Pest Inspection is not necessary on your unit, over the years ABIS has found a number of Timber Pest issues, not only to do with Termites but also Fungal Decay/Activity and Wood Borer damage, particularly on the balcony areas.

It is always best to contact the Body Corp in regards to what type of Termite Management system is in place, and also to confirm how many Pest Inspections are conducted for your unit each year. Having this documentation provided to you will give you an insight into any previous issues that may have occurred on your unit. Our report will also contain information on Termite Prevention and Management, as well as list any areas of concern for future problems.