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Brassall (4305)

Located 41 km from Brisbane and 3 km from Ipswich, Brassall (4305) is a suburb of Ipswich, situated between the Bremer River to its south, Ironpot Creek to its west and the Warrego Highway to its north. This position tends to make Brassall vulnerable to flooding as occurred in 2010.

Originally the suburb was called Hungry Flats because of its being a refuelling point for teams of bullocks hauling logs from Pine Mountain to a sawmill in Ipswich. However, it was formally named by James Warner who was a surveyor. It became part of Ipswich in 1917 and was officially recognised in 1991. Brisbane rail to the valley previously passed through Brassall.

Initially bush and farmland, Brassall has experienced a rapid influx of investor developers who have released a number of moderate density housing estates since 2002. Brassall contains three schools, although most residents send their children to West Moreton Anglican College, 5 km from Brassall.

In 2011, Brassall was home to 9200 people, most of whom were young professionals with families, defence force personnel, or retirees, with higher levels of education compared to residents of surrounding suburbs.