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Basin Pocket (4305)

Located 40 km from Brisbane and about 3 km from Ipswich of which it is a suburb, Basin Pocket (4305) lies adjacent the Bremer River to its north and west. It derives its name from a widening in the Bremer River noted by Allan Cunningham in 1828. Steamers would use Basin Pocket to turn after docking in Ipswich and Rev. Dr. Lang argued that it was a better site for main settlement as opposed to Ipswich.

William Lawrence ran a ferry service between Basin Pocket and Ipswich in 1860s but this has since been discontinued. Today, it has a strip of shops, access to the Bremer River via a boat ramp, a community hall, a park, a football club, and an Anglican Church. In 2011, about 860 people lived in Basin Pocket.