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ABIS’ fully licensed building inspectors operate throughout different regions within the greater Brisbane area.

Redland Bay Building Inspections since 1994

Australian Building Inspection Services (ABIS) conducts Building and Pest Inspection services across Redland Bay Region.

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ABIS’s Unique Approach to Inspections

Over the past 25 years ABIS has developed a unique computer-aided approach to building inspections that other inspectors cannot match. Using technology taken from commercial aviation, our inspectors follow a best practice check list that greatly reduces the risk of human error. Our inspectors are able to focus on the building inspection process with accurate recording of building defects and issues. Their findings are kept in a data base so that they can be subject to independent checks to ensure inspection quality is maintained. Like pilots, our inspectors are also subject to regular checks to insure they don’t develop “blind spots” or bad habits. The ABIS system also learns as it is used so the process continually improves over time.

Our competitors often use report writing software where they build a report on a mobile device as they conduct their inspection. The report they produce either during the inspection or shortly after the inspection is usually a pdf document containing text and photographs. In order to keep the pdf to a manageable size the photographs resolution must be kept low or the number of photographs limited.

ABIS’s unique approach allows the inspector to produce a report from the data recorded on site and store it securely in the cloud where it can be view by the client via a link. This approach enables the photographs to be viewed at high resolution and ensures the report is available for many years in a secure environment.


When should I Have an Inspection Done?

If you’re buying a home in Redland Bay, get a quote and organise an Redland Bay Building Inspector as soon as possible after signing your purchase contract. If you are selling your home, we recommend an inspection prior to placing your home on the market if you’re selling your house or unit. In the case of building your own home, you will require stage inspections based on your contract.


What is Included in a Building Inspection

All of our Redland Bay Building and Pest Inspections come with Free Thermal Imaging and are carried out by professional and qualified Redland Bay Building Inspectors. Within 24 hours (usually by 5pm on the day of the inspection), we will provide a detailed building report covering all parts of the property that are accessible and loaded with photographs, supporting evidence and recommendations to supplement your decision making in regards to the property. Armed with this information you can then make an informed decision regarding you home purchase.

*ABIS Redland Bay Building and Pest Inspections include reporting on termite activity, borers and fungal decay – in accordance with Australian Standard AS4349.3

The to-do list before putting your home on the market or looking to buy a property can be exhausting. Although it may be an extra expense, getting a building inspection will arm you with knowledge on the property to help you make confident decisions. When buying a home or buying a new property, an inspection will form part of the sales contract. If selling a property, the inspection will help you know what to fix so you can boost the listing price of your home if you choose so. If buying a property, a building and pest inspection will address any potential costs you may not have seen when looking for a home.

The inspection will include fences, yard, building interior and exterior, sub floor, roof exterior and roof voids. Because building and pest inspection organisations are guided by the Workplace Health and Safety laws, they will not always get into your roof and inspect it if it is not safe to do so. If this is the case, they will inspect the roof from a ladder if possible, but they will not neglect to put it in the report. One does not have to worry if the inspection will be graded because that is not what it’s about. Because an inspection is just to check the condition of your home, inspectors will report on the physical conditions of the home and what may need to be replaced or repaired. To ensure that the inspectors conduct a thorough inspection of your home, remove any distractions and obstacles, where possible remove posters and pictures from the wall, move your furniture away from the wall and open the garage door, secure the family pets.

*ABIS Australian Building and Pest Inspections include reporting on structural building defects – in accordance with Australian Standards AS4349.1.


How long after the inspection do I get my report.

In 98% of cases, you will receive your report before 5pm on the day of your inspection. We are able to do this because of our unique approach and systems. In the 2% of cases that we dont meet this target it is because we are following up on an issue identified during the inspection or dealing with some external factor.


Why Choose ABIS?

Basically we have being providing building and pest inspections for over 25 years and we believe we have got very good at it. Also getting ABIS to conduct your building and pest inspection will ensure that there is no bias in the report (we work for you and are not influenced by anyone else), giving you confidence on the decision you make regarding your home.

Our clients are very happy with the service and much of our business comes from them having no hesitation in recommending ABIS to their friends and relations. We also have many clients who have used us in the past.

No building and pest inspection is a guarantee, warranty or insurance policy because some problems may only be discovered after living in the house or once the property is vacant. That being said, before you make one of the biggest financial decisions of your life it would be prudent to get as much information as possible to make an informed decision. ABIS will provide you with that peace of mind with good old fashioned customer service, an extensive knowledge base and quality reports with inspections undertaken by fully qualified, highly trained and experienced inspectors. 

Buy with Confidence with ABIS the Redland Bay Building and Pest Inspectors you can trust.

How much does a Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspection cost?

It depends on the type of home, but a Redland Bay building and pest inspection is typically between $300 and $600 for a combined building and timber pest (termite) inspection. A typical price for an average home would be around $475. It is very important to also look at what you are getting for the price you are quoted. Not all inspections, inspectors or inspection reports are the same.

We would love to help you so please ring for a chat about an inspection or any questions or concerns you may have in relation to your home purchase or build.

You are always welcome to attend the inspection.

However, experience has taught us that the best way to communicate with our clients is after they have read their written report. This makes sure that all the relevant information is communicated to you fully before you make any decisions in relation to the property. Please do not make any decisions based solely on what the inspector says to you during, or at the end of the inspection.

It is important that your inspector is not distracted from concentrating during the inspection process so please do not obstruct or interrupt him during the inspection. Also for safety reasons you should keep children and pets away from the inspector while he is working.

Your inspector has been instructed to encourage you to read the report and then to contact the ABIS office if you have any questions rather than to have a verbal report by the inspector at the end of the inspection.

Specifically, we want to ensure that we communicate important issues to in a way that you fully understand. We want to avoid the situation where you make a poor decision because you think a minor defect is worse than it is or vice versa. As there is a lot of information contained in the report that it is not practical for the inspector to cover verbally on site, we ask that you be patient and save your questions until after you have read the report. However, if you are on site and a major and serious defect is identified, the inspector will certainly talk to you about it on site.

We will endeavour to “go the extra mile” to explain any aspects of your report with you should you require it. Your full understanding of your report is important to us.


Redland Bay Region

Arrange My Building Inspection

ABIS building and pest inspections are conducted to the highest standard by building inspectors with a minimum of 10 years experience together with the highest professional qualifications in their field. ABIS has been in business over 27 years conducting both building and timber pest inspections.

Our highly recommended home inspectors are all long term trusted employees not here today gone tomorrow sub-contractors. ABIS Inspectors are supported by a unique computer aided inspection system and the latest inspection equipment such as high sensitivity thermal cameras costing thousands of dollars that others don’t often have.

When you book a pre-purchase inspection with ABIS, our friendly local (they know the area and are not in a interstate or overseas call centre) staff will make the whole process easy for you. Our Office team make all the arrangements with you, your agent, the vendor, the tenant (if there is one) and you will be sent an email to confirm the inspection time along with a pre-engagement letter which covers the scope of the inspection. Good communication and local knowledge are key to you getting the most out of your building and pest inspection. We are always happy to answer all your questions and you are most welcome to be on site when we do the inspection. Our technology, systems and processes also mean you get your high quality report shortly after your inspection is completed.

And all this for an incredible low price.

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