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Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane

ABIS has been conducting comprehensive building and pest inspections in Brisbane for over 15 years and has a number of qualified inspectors to ensure a timely response when you are purchasing your house.

What makes our Brisbane Building Inspections stand out is our comprehensive report.  It is unlike any other on the market, giving you links to view each item on your report and gain a thorough understanding of issues a house may have.

We conduct inspections throughout Brisbane suburbs from Brisbane North to Brisbane South and West as well as Redcliffe, The Bay Area, Redlands and Logan.

All Building & Pest Inspection Reports Include:

  • Structural Problems including
  • Conditions Conducive to Structural Damage including
  • Additions & Improvements
  • Incomplete Construction
  • Serious Safety Hazards
  • Major Defects in Secondary & Finishing Elements
  • Signs of Timber Pests 
  • Conditions Conducive to Timber Pest Attack 
  • Evidence of Existing Termite Management Programs
  • Advice on Termite Prevention & Management

The advantages of having such a complete report are second to none. When we complete your building and pest inspection Brisbane our inspector will thoroughly check the building and areas including roof voids, roof exterior, fences, building exterior, yard, building interior and sub-floor. 

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