Handover Inspection

The home of your dreams has finally been completed, from the first brick to the last roof tile. Whether you plan on living in the house or selling it off, you will need an inspection report to show that the house is suitable for habitation and there is nothing to be fixed.

Best Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane

Finding the perfect house that meets all your needs can be difficult especially in the current economic climate. But finding the best building and pest inspection services in Brisbane can be an even tougher ask. However, no matter how much you look at it, an inspection before purchasing your dream home can save you loads of money and heartache down the line. Nobody wants to purchase a home that has numerous faults and might put your loved ones in danger at every turn.

Why do Building and Pest Reports talk about Conditions Conducive?

Conditions Conducive

When you have a Pre-Purchase Building or Timber Pest Report done it usually contains references to "Conditions Conducive". So what does this mean?

This term comes from AS4349 which is the Australian standard that covers pre-purchase inspections. It refers to situations that exist on the property being inspected that if not removed will lead to problems in the future.

Pre Purchase Inspection Tips

Buying a home or investing in property is one of the most important long-term commitments anyone can make. From finding your perfect house to applying for a home loan and getting it approved, a lot of time and effort is needed. However, once the process is complete and keys in your hand, the hard work is still not over just yet. One of the most overlooked aspects when buying a home is whether the house was built with natural material or material containing toxins that could not be picked up.

Finding a Building and Pest Inspector in Brisbane

Building and pest inspections are a big business in Brisbane. The city and surrounds are home to a number of Brisbane building and pest inspectors, and yet many people in the market for these services struggle to find a company they can trust. The question of what to look for in a building and pest inspector in Brisbane, what services – like pre-purchase building inspections – should be on offer, and what companies are recommended, are all very important, and luckily can be answered right here and right now.

Buying Property and Getting A Building And Pest Inspection

When the time comes to buying property Brisbane buyers often find themselves overwhelmed by the many jobs to be done and boxes to be ticked. In the complicated process of buying property Brisbane buyers in the know will remember just how easy it is to forget some jobs, or let some important tasks fall by the wayside. Easily the most important box to be ticked when buying property in Brisbane, not only for peace of mind but for the safety of your future finances, is that of the building inspection.

Looking For the Best Building and Pest Inspection Company in Brisbane?

Building inspections are part and parcel of being involved in the property market, and whether you’re building, buying, selling or renting it’s generally a smart idea to investigate building and pest inspections. There’s a certain peace of mind that comes with having those trustworthy building and pest inspections reports, and in real estate there’s nothing better than that feeling.

Why Building Inspectors and Building Certifiers Are Not the Same

Building a new home is a hectic and stressful process with a lot to do and many rules to comply with. Not only is the process very expensive, but also confusing and energy-consuming especially if you are a first-time home buyer. 

A crowd of professionals and tradespeople are involved and to the uninitiated, it may not be clear what their different roles are. The most common misunderstanding is the difference between Building Inspector and Building Certifier.

Who Should Perform My Home's Building and Pest Inspection

Building And Pest Inspection Brisbane

Picking a company or an individual to conduct a Building and Pest Inspection can be difficult and confusing if you have never gone through the process before.

ABIS is happy to provide you with some quick tips for first-time home buyers:

Qualified Building Inspector

Make sure the Building Inspector you pick has a QBCC license to conduct "Completed Residential Building Inspections". The BSA issues two types of license: 

Why a Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection is Really 13 Inspections in One

A Building and Pest Inspection conducted by an Experienced and Qualified Building Inspector is more than a quick look at your property to produce a tick and flick checklist. 

The whole process involves hundreds of observations which must be recorded in a standardised format in regulations with the Australian Standards. It may appear that the comprehensive report you get is a bit lengthy, but it is necessary to convey to you a lot of information about the inspection itself and the property inspected.