Why do I need a Handover Report?

What is a handover report? 

A handover inspection takes places when a home reaches the final completion, or is ready for handover, meaning all of the building work is complete. With the handover report being issued it is now ‘suitable for habitation’. The home has power, water and is weatherproof.
At ABIS we provide a comprehensive handover report. Checking everything from site conditions, soil erosion to the correct support of the bath installation.  

When is a handover report provided?

A handover report is provided at the completion stage of building a new dwelling. If it is a renovation it will be issued when all major defects have been rectified. This means that if some of the painting hasn’t been finished it is still ok to be issued.

This is also where the new a homeowner would make the final payment. When the handover report is issued the sign over can take place.

Some contracts require the builder to provide all certificates from throughout the stages of building at the time of the final inspection. 
Here is a list of the certificates needed to keep on file:

  • certificates of inspection (e.g. slab, frame, waterproofing)
  • the practical completion certificate (for a new home)                    
  • reports, notices or other documentation issued by services providers (e.g. electricity, gas, telephone, water or sewerage). Note: If you have any problems with appliances after handover, contact the product supplier not your contractor.
  • product warranties for appliances

For more information on making sure your home is correctly certified or if you have any questions regarding the handover certification process please contact us today.