Why do Building and Pest Reports talk about Conditions Conducive?

Conditions Conducive

When you have a Pre-Purchase Building or Timber Pest Report done it usually contains references to "Conditions Conducive". So what does this mean?

This term comes from AS4349 which is the Australian standard that covers pre-purchase inspections. It refers to situations that exist on the property being inspected that if not removed will lead to problems in the future.

A building Inspection report will not only identify defects but also conditions that will lead to defects. For example: Poor drainage around a home may lead to damage to the footings of the home. This is called a "Condition Conducive to Structural Damage"

Also a Timber Pest Inspection Report will not only report any timber pest activity but also conditions that will attract timber pests. For example: Damp timber will not only led to fungal decay (wood rot) but also attract termites. (Bacteria grow on and in damp timber. Termites have evolved to home in on the gases produced by these bacteria). This is called a "Condition Conducive to Timber Pest Activity"

The bottom line is that Conditions Conducive are just a important as Defects and Timber Pest Activity. So please be aware that you will also need to consider the cost of removing or managing these conditions as part of you purchase decision.