What pests should get you worried

The nights are getting shorter and the days longer, the sun is just that bit warmer than yesterday and the cool pool water is calling your name. Summer has arrived, and it is understandable to be in a festive and jovial mood around this time of the year. Unfortunately, this time of the year also brings pests out that can have made a nest in your home, spreading disease. One way to be certain that your family and loved ones are safe from such pests, you can get the Australian building inspection services to come to your home. They will conduct a thorough inspection and help you find remedies to any issues that arise. We have made a brief list of which pests should immediately get you on the phone for assistance.


These insects are found almost everywhere and because of this, they are known to carry germs and bacteria. Like most insects, cockroaches favour conditions that provide food, water and shelter and thrive in such environments. Although cockroaches are nocturnal, you should start worrying if you spot one during the day as this often indicates a large infestation. 


When it comes to damage to a home, this insect has seen its fair amount. Termites have their nests in walls, under buildings, timber around the home as well as in trees and poles. They feed on the matter of dead plants and trees that supplies organic fibre, which is why they are attracted to your home. They will be found in your home’s furniture, hardwood floors and the homes framing which can affect the structural integrity of the house. ​


The warm weather also invites our most dangerous eight-legged creatures. They may be found dark and small places such as air vents, cracks on the wall and corners. With over 35 000 species of spiders in the world, you might not be sure which one inhabits your home. So, don’t take the chance and contact a pest inspection service before you or your loved one is bitten by a poisonous one. 

There are many other pests too look like mice and rats, flies, fleas, mites and bed bugs. Don’t delay and book that inspection today.