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Top 10 Tips When Selling your Home to Get the Best Price

We all know that you need to have your house looking clean, spacious, uncluttered and stylish when you put it on the market but, what else will help sell your property apart from fluffy towels in the bathroom.

1. Choose The Best Real Estate Agent

Choose the best real estate agent in your area – by viewing recent property sales in the price point you are aiming for.  It’s not necessarily quantity, but the agent having the most appropriate clientele.  Not only will the buyers be more suited to your home but the agent will be using the right marketing tools for the right customer – for example, is your potential buyer young and tech savvy – they will probably be using a social media tool over standard marketing.  They will also be able to advise on the best method of sale – is it Asking Price or Auction.

2. Choose the Right Time

Place your house on the market at the best time for your home’s best assets e.g If it’s a got a great pool area – don’t release your house coming into winter – people will not be able to put themselves into the lifestyle they will enjoy here.  However, if the theatre room is the winner – coming into winter is perfect for when people see themselves being stuck indoors.

3. Photography

Style your house well for the website and marketing photographs, not only will this get more people to view your open homes you’ll have qualified your buyers before they arrive.  Make them quite realistic so people are not disappointed, and include all the best features of your house as well as lifestyle aspects.  Read more on how to photograph your home http://www.realestate.com.au/blog/top-tips-photographing-property/

4. First Impressions

First impressions really do count, so keep your lawn mown and front gardens neat, fresh and inviting as well as having a clear path to your front door. If you have a good relationship with your neighbours, we recommend you also ask them if they wouldn’t mind keep their front lawn mown, (or ask if you can mow their lawns), so that potential buyers see a nice neighbourhood.

5. Building and Pest Inspections

Although you’re not required to – get a building and pest inspection report as it helps sell your property quicker and identifies problem areas that you may not be aware of.  The last thing you want is to find out once you have a contract on the table of issues you weren’t aware of.

6. Style Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the biggest selling points so decorate it based on who will be buying the property – is it a family or a young trendy couple.  As well make sure the cupboards and drawers are uncluttered, presenting that there is room to move – store as many items off-site as necessary.

Instead of flowers in a vase for a kitchen maybe pots of herbs would be more suited. Finish off the styling with a couple of cook books and if you’re going to have fruit – just have one or two types, not a whole mixture.

7. Make Spaces Obvious

Don’t let people guess what a space might be used for – if you have a large vacant area – display some children’s games open on a table next to a toy box or add a comfy chair with a book on a side table to promote lifestyle aspects of your home. If a bench also allows for seating, place some stools so people can see where they would sit.  If you have a nook that could be used as a desk – add a computer and a pen pot.

8. De-Clutter

Definitely de-clutter.  If you have walls and walls full of family images or artwork, it may be off-putting for some buyers – just keep one or two images and patch up any other holes or hooks on your walls.  If you have cupboards or bookshelves with lots of nik-naks – halve them.  People want to be able to visualise their own items in your home, and having a lot of clutter will make it difficult for them to get an image in their head.

9. Light Bulbs

Change any light bulbs that are starting to dim or are not working – including outside and underneath your home.  During Open homes your Estate Agent will want to have the lights on and once your property is on the market – ensure you leave your outside lights on at night for drive by buyers – they may want to get a feel for your property and determine if it’s worth coming back.

10. Outdoor Areas

Purchase a new front door mat for your entrance and repot plants looking messy with new blooms. If you have any dead areas in your grass, make garden beds out of them or strategically place a pot to deflect the obvious spots (if possible). Sweep away any cobwebs from the eaves and wash any dirty or dusty areas that people will be close to.

If you have areas that need hiding, place timber or appropriate privacy screens either on your house or along the fence to hide neighbours.




ABIS building and pest inspections are conducted to the highest standard by building inspectors with a minimum of 10 years experience together with the highest professional qualifications in their field. ABIS has been in business over 27 years conducting both building and timber pest inspections.

Our highly recommended home inspectors are all long term trusted employees not here today gone tomorrow sub-contractors. ABIS Inspectors are supported by a unique computer aided inspection system and the latest inspection equipment such as high sensitivity thermal cameras costing thousands of dollars that others don’t often have.

When you book a pre-purchase inspection with ABIS, our friendly local (they know the area and are not in a interstate or overseas call centre) staff will make the whole process easy for you. Our Office team make all the arrangements with you, your agent, the vendor, the tenant (if there is one) and you will be sent an email to confirm the inspection time along with a pre-engagement letter which covers the scope of the inspection. Good communication and local knowledge are key to you getting the most out of your building and pest inspection. We are always happy to answer all your questions and you are most welcome to be on site when we do the inspection. Our technology, systems and processes also mean you get your high quality report shortly after your inspection is completed.

And all this for an incredible low price.

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