Top 10 Tips when Moving House

Moving house can be one of the most stressing times in anyone’s life, and with a family it can mean even more stress. ABIS understands the importance of moving house so we have compiled our Top 10 Tips to minimise the stress when moving:

  1. Start packing well in advance and clean out any clutter
  2. Give yourself as much time as possible to move.
  3. Check the measurements on the new place, ie Fridge, Bed, Tables
  4. Prepare a Moving Day box that includes all your essential items, ie cleaning supplies, toilet paper, toiletry items, garbage bags
  5. Treat yourself and your family. Enjoy a family night out in the neighbourhood one more time.
  6. Make sure all your utilities are turned on, or turned off, and your mail is redirected
  7. Have someone look after any pets whilst you move. Making sure the front gate is shut at all times is going to be the last thing to remember.
  8. Expect the unexpected. Even if you are the most organised person, things will still come up that were not in the plan, ie the weather. Be prepared to move in the pouring rain or during a heat wave.
  9. Say goodbye to your home. This is the perfect time to take a trip down memory lane.
  10. Ask for help. Everyone has moved at some point and fully understands. Don’t be afraid be ask friends or family to assist, even if it means babysitting the children. 

As part of the moving process whether you're selling your housing, buying of the plan, building a propery or buying an exsisting structure it is important to organise a building and pest inspectionYou can find out more about our building inspections Brisbane, see if we service your region, book an inspection or contact us to find out how we can minimise the stress of that part of the moving process.