As of December 2013 the Queensland Building Services Authority will be replaced by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) as the regulator for the Queensland building industry.

As one of the largest overseers of employers in Queensland, the biggest reform in 20 years will see the creation of the QBCC. Reflecting the sector's large economic growth the QBCC will have a board with members from different business areas including construction, law, finance and insurance.

However, under QBCC all businesses will still need to hold a license to undertake any building works in Queensland and will need to renew to QBCC when their current license period ceases. Businesses with Queensland Building Services Authority signage are being advised to make the necessary amendments as soon as possible.

The current Queensland Government are reflecting their promises by continuing to grow the building and construction industry to bolster the economy. The QBCC will not only be overseeing the day to day activities such as licensing, they will also be implementing the government's 10 point Action Plan to ensure the industry reaches its full potential.

For more information visit the QBCC Website.