Positivity in the Face of Adversity

Here’s an unusual feel-good foreclosure story from Diane Tuman, Zillow Content Manager that may have a positive ending and perhaps create an entirely new career for an American woman who is an actress and divorced mother of three. In a creative measure to save her house from foreclosure, she held a bake sale with her goal to bake and sell 100 homemade “mortgage apple pie cakes” at $40 each.

After reading about the woman’s financial bind, a nearby Hilton Hotel invited her to bake free of charge, in a corner of its kitchen. She spent 12 hours there on a weekend, turning out more than 20 cakes using a commercial mixer and convection oven. The hotel is giving her use of their kitchen at least through the weekend, when the first of three payments to Bank of America — required as part of the modification of her mortgage — is due.