Who Should Perform My Home's Building and Pest Inspection

Building And Pest Inspection Brisbane

Picking a company or an individual to conduct a Building and Pest Inspection can be difficult and confusing if you have never gone through the process before.

ABIS is happy to provide you with some quick tips for first-time home buyers:

Qualified Building Inspector

Make sure the Building Inspector you pick has a QBCC license to conduct "Completed Residential Building Inspections". The BSA issues two types of license: 

Why a Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection is Really 13 Inspections in One

A Building and Pest Inspection conducted by an Experienced and Qualified Building Inspector is more than a quick look at your property to produce a tick and flick checklist. 

The whole process involves hundreds of observations which must be recorded in a standardised format in regulations with the Australian Standards. It may appear that the comprehensive report you get is a bit lengthy, but it is necessary to convey to you a lot of information about the inspection itself and the property inspected.

Property Market Trends for 2018

Australian Building Inspections wish you all a Happy New Year and prosperous 2018.

The coming year will be a big for the residential property market in Brisbane and across Australia, with many professional forecasts and expert opinions leaning towards only a small increase in the Brisbane property market while Sydney and Melbourne will see a slight decrease.

5 Reasons to Have a Qualified Building Inspector

For the majority of Australians, the most expensive purchase we make in our life is our home - and you don’t want to take the risk of opting for an unqualified building inspector just to save some money.

Unfortunately, only one state in Australia requires a pre-purchase building inspector to be licensed and that is Queensland, which means in other states literally anybody without relevant license or qualifications can claim to be a building inspector.

Top 10 Building Defects that Happen Over Time

Buying a property is always a joyous occasion, but the fact that a property is new to you does not make it perfect and error free. 
If you are currently in the market for a new property, it makes a lot of sense to look at both the exterior and interior of the building before investing in one. Over time, it is not uncommon for many commercial and residential buildings to show signs of building defects.

Top 10 Time-Tested Building Defects

Buying a Property During Storm Season

The recent spate of severe storms in Brisbane drives home the importance of keeping a home well sealed and dry. Moisture in the form of leaks and water ingress and more seriously, flooding will cause mould, decay and damage to a property. Coupled with warm temperatures and humidity, this may, in turn, encourage termites which can do further significant damage.

As a buyer, you need to be vigilant for signs of moisture, ask yourself the following:

5 Things to Look for When Purchasing or Buying New Property

Owning a property has always been the Australian dream but purсhаѕing a рrореrtу аlwауѕ ѕееmѕ like a major and laborious task to dо.

Finding the right property that fitѕ within your budgеt аnd suits уоur requirements iѕn't асtuаllу ѕо diffiсult if you know what to look for. Onе needs tо сhесk if thе сurrеnt mаrkеt iѕ in your favour аnd will fetch good rеturnѕ оn thе investment. Bеlоw is a few useful tips thаt will help уоu in buуing or purchasing a рrореrtу аnd mаkе the entire еxреriеnсе less ѕtrеѕѕful.  

Cracking Mentioned in Your Property Inspection Report? How Serious Is It?

The sight of cracking can put fear into a buyer's heart. Yet most properties will exhibit cracking at some point in their lives as materials age and settle to accommodate changes in the building's environment, especially if the builder has not allowed for this by installing expansion or control joints. Often cracking is inconsequential, affecting only the appearance of the building and if static, can be simply repaired. However, cracking can also be a serious distress signal that the building's serviceability or even stability may be under threat.

Why You Need a Building Inspection and Pest Inspection Combined

Most of us will purchase our home upon the condition of a satisfactory property inspection report. Engaging a qualified professional to inspect what will probably be the biggest purchase we will ever make in our lives is strongly advisable. However, while the focus tends to be on the building inspection component, often another key inspection tends to be downplayed or even overlooked.

Why a Building and Pest Inspection Tests for Signs of Water

Living in Queensland is beautiful one day, paradise the next. But there is a down side to all the high humidity and rainfall of tropical Queensland with its regular flooding and that's water damage to our homes. Water may look benign but apart from structural defects, water is one of the major concerns of a building inspector, especially if water issues continue unaddressed within the home. Water itself can lead to substantial structural problems.