Leaving Rent Behind

Tired Of Paying Rent?

First Home Buyers

Now is a great time to get of the rent wheel. Recent easing in property prices in Southeast Queensland and record low interest rates, it is a great time to stop paying rent and own your own home.

There are signs since the general election and APRA’s relaxation of the 7.5% rule, that the lenders are easing their criteria slightly.

The best approach is to shop around several lenders and pre-qualify for a mortgage as much as you can before you start house hunting. Establish what you can afford with the deposit you have and the mortgage payments you can afford.

If you can meet the lenders requirements and buy well you should end up buying your own home with mortgage payments less than your rent. 

Don’t forget to have your ABIS Building Inspection done. This is not a time to have a nasty financial surprise after you move into your new home and you can always ask you ABIS Building Inspector about any concerns you may have.