A Homewarming with a Twist

Overseas, million-dollar homes are being turned into nightclubs by teenagers, unbeknownst to their owners until police arrive to break them up.


This is how it works. The teens first spot homes with for sale signs. Then they call the listing agent to confirm the homes are vacant which allows them to gain access undetected. In some cases, partygoers have even ripped out wiring enabling them to open the home's front gate, to allow hundreds of others entry. And the whole thing is run as a commercial business with party organizers charging money and advertising online to attract teens. They provide the DJ, beer and a place to party – perhaps your place.


Online photos show hundreds of teenagers and young adults with beer and hard liquor, dancing to music played by a disc jockey. You cannot even begin to imagine the mess and damage left behind.


The moral of this story - all real estate agents and homeowners are advised to be on alert and home security should be stepped up when properties are left vacant.