The home is where the heart is, and you want your family and friends to be happy and comfortable inside it. But just as the home can be a comfortable space, it can also pose a danger to loved ones if not taken care of. Dampness can cause and trigger a variety of health problems that can have lasting effects on a family. That is why conducting a building and pest inspection in Logan is recommended. It is when the dampness has been taken care of that you will see an improvement in the overall health of your dearest ones. You can read further to learn more about what damp conditions in a home can cause:

Skin Problems

Dampness and excess moisture caused by a roof leak, plumbing leak and damaged windows are ideal conditions for mould to flourish. The spores released in the air by the mould then come into contact with the skin and cause allergic reactions like a runny nose or rhinitis, watery eyes and eczema. For those who already have eczema, not only does it worsen it but also cause ringworm eczema, and triggers inflammation and damages the skin further.

Breathing problems

Moisture in the air coupled with spores released by mould also have an effect on the respiratory system of those living in the home. The moisture is known to exacerbate and cause asthma as well as breathing difficulties, chest pains and bronchitis.  When young children breathe in the spores, other lung infections such as Pneumonia can also become a concern.

Pest problems

Water damage and damp conditions are also ideal in attracting pests from cockroaches and mosquitos to mice because their waste material also causes breathing problems. In those who have asthma, it can trigger their conditions. Parents who suffer from respiratory illnesses or have children who do, need to ensure their homes are up to scratch regularly.

Now that you know what health effects a damp home can cause, you can contact ABIS to conduct a building and pest inspection of your home. Not only will they thoroughly inspect your home and its surroundings, but their report will include a moisture measurement reading.