Handover Inspection

The home of your dreams has finally been completed, from the first brick to the last roof tile. Whether you plan on living in the house or selling it off, you will need an inspection report to show that the house is suitable for habitation and there is nothing to be fixed.

A comprehensive building handover inspection report is done once the builder is happy about the construction process and after a final clean of the whole building has been done. A report does not only have to be about the final process of the building but can also be conducted from the start of the building process to be as transparent as possible.

This will allow you peace of mind knowing that the integrity of the house is sound or even impress those who are viewing the house and looking to purchase it. A comprehensive report will help you boost your asking price for the house and get a nice return on your investment. If not, you will have all the information needed when you do seek to sell.

A comprehensive building handover inspection report covers everything from site conditions which include termite nesting sites and conditions that will be conducive to termites as well as surface drainage, seepage, soil type and soil erosion. Site improvements such as storm water pipes, driveways and retaining walls and location. Check the brick work and if there are any chipped bricks, how the mortar strength and finish is as well as the weep holes.

A report can also be used as a 12 months warranty on your new building so that you can repair and rectify any building structures that may have occurred during the construction phase.
At ABIS, they will offer you these services and more, just a phone call away. Their experienced team of consultants will assist you with any questions you have, and their services will not burn a hole in your pocket.

So if you need any help with a handover inspection or inspection report, there is an organisation you can call that services areas such as Logan, Ipswich, South-East Queensland and Brisbane.