There are plenty of myths abound when it comes to getting pre-purchase building inspections for property in Brisbane. From the myth that all home inspectors are qualified and have the necessary experience to be trusted and do a good job. Such a myth is false and might leave one open to a scam artist who will leave trick you into believing that a building is safe and might put your family and friends in danger. In such cases, a few probing questions could save you from plenty of heartache and more financial expenses.

Buyers don’t have to attend inspection

Not true. Although the inspector will discuss the full report after the inspection has been completed, it is a good idea to be present during the process. This will allow the buyer to ask the inspector some questions and also receive maintenance tips and general home advice. However, keep in mind to not distract the inspector and only observe. When the opportunity to ask questions arises, you will be able to raise them. Inspectors from ABIS will be happy to have you present but will give you time to decide on your own without trying to influence.

New buildings are not inspected

Not true. From the construction of the building until its completion and handover to the owner, it is recommended that each stage of construction should be inspected. This is so that the buyer can rest easy knowing that the integrity of the construction can be trusted. And because a newly constructed building is just as likely to have defects because the builder rushed to get it complete which lead to mistakes occurring. And new buildings are also inspected a year after to ensure that no defects that were not detected previously, have creeped out now that the building is being used.

Defects need to be repaired by owner

Not true. There is no law that stipulates that a seller needs to repair all of the defects in the building before putting it up for sale. They do not even have to fix much at all and the onus will be on the buyer to spot what needs to be repaired. The sale of the building will occur in the condition it is in unless the buyer and seller reach an agreement of repairing certain features.  

Now you can rest easy knowing that you will not be taken advantage of and you can contact a reputable inspections company to assist.