Building a reputation with good quality construction

When it comes to construction companies, reputation is rather important. The best contractors will always get the best paying contracts to work with. Their reputation precedes them not only because they are good at what they do but because they care about their work. Therefore, such contractors take the time to ensure each phase of the construction has the green light from a building inspector before the handover. 

The first stage of the foundation phase is called the base stage and this part of the construction is about the slab foundation that will deal with the movement of the ground. At The inspector will check for things such as the site condition to ensure the community’s safety which include fences and retaining walls as well as signs and survey pegs. They will also check if the site is an environment that will allow termites and termite nests to thrive. 

The next phase of inspection will come in the frame stage to check that all the framing is straight, if the member spacings of the wall frame are adequate, that the wall frames are secure, that the under-slab services are connected to the correct rooms and that the ceiling and wall frames are fitted in using materials in good condition. 

This stage of the inspection is called the waterproofing stage inspection and it is to check if the roofing is installed and completed to adequate standards. The reason for waterproofing is to prevent your home from getting moisture damage which causes the building materials to deteriorate. Waterproofing your bathroom, toilets, external roofs, balconies, swimming pools and retaining walls to avoid building decay. 

Once this stage is done, it is then on to the pre-painting stage and the inspector will check on the garage doors, safety glass, smoke alarms, safety switch, ceiling and wall linings, windows have been installed well and that windows of showers are sealed well. 

The Handover stage is when the inspector will conduct a detailed inspection once the construction is complete and the site has undergone a final clean. They will go through everything once again with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that every inch of space in the house is safe for people to be in. 

The last stage of the inspection is the warranty is the building warranty inspection, but this takes place after 12 months.