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Non Conforming Building Work

Australia is fortunate in having a good set of codes governing the standard, utility and safety of building work. However, there are no building police walking up and down our streets ensuring that non complying work or “shoddy work” is not done.

There are many instances where “home handy men” have undertaken building work in ignorance of the building codes and more importantly the reason for their existence.

In is important to appreciate that building codes have been developed to protect us from injury, illness, and unnecessary financial loss.

A ABIS pre-purchase building inspection will identify any work that does not conform to any recognised standard and advise prospective buyers that there may be significant costs in undoing or correcting such shoddy work.

The above photo is an example of building work that has not been completed to any recognized standard. Whilst the person who did this work probably thought they were improving the building they have in fact introduced a number of problems that did not exist prior to the work being done. Whilst not necessarily obvious to the casual observer, conditions have been created that greatly increase the likelihood of timber pest damage such as termite attack and fungal decay to the frame of this building.