Building Inspection After Extreme Weather Condition

There are many forms of extreme weather conditions that are caused by various circumstances and happen every year across the world. More specifically, Queensland has seen its fair share of weather disasters in the past few years and more often than not, they have come sporadically and left a path of destruction behind.

Extreme weather damage or not, it is always a good idea to get a Building and Pest Inspection on your property especially your family home. There are many risks that can arise from extreme weather conditions and some risks aren’t as visible as others. To prevent injury or further damage to your home or office, a safety check should be performed. 

Safety and Building Inspection

It is important for your own safety to check different access points before entering any building after an extreme weather event. Building and pest inspections can be very helpful at this time. There are different steps that can be taken in relation to a building and pest inspection:

  • Do not enter any buildings where rescue operations are going on. Your entrance rescue operation can be hindered. 
  • There is a risk of contaminated water, uneven and damaged flooring and ceilings, especially during storm seasons. Be well aware and watch your steps.
  • Be aware of any possible gas leaks.
  • If any source of water inside your building is under suspicion, avoid it.
  • Do not forget about drywalls and loose plaster, they are risky and can collapse anytime.
  • If broken or frayed or sparkling wire comes into sight, turn off the electricity at the main fuse box or circuit breaker. Check and dry your electrical equipment before turning them back on.
  • After extreme weather conditions, animals and pests will take refuge wherever they can, be aware that they may be hiding in or around your home.

There can always be some dangerous insects and bacteria inside any building. They are not visible by naked eyes, hence getting a building inspection with thermal imaging is imperative.

Building damage is very common after any extreme weather conditions so it is important to undergo many safety checks.Take necessary steps and only enter inside when you are certain about your safety. It is best to get a qualified building inspector to perform these checks as they will look into things you wouldn’t have considered.

When the job is done, it is another important part to take the building handover. Take a look at the overall process and keep a copy of the building handover if possible. After the weather’s extremism is over, don’t panic to get inside your house or any building. It is advisable to get a building and pest inspections - your careful steps can save both your life and others.


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