Building and Pest Inspections in Storm Season

Before the storm and rain season begins, building inspection covering both outside and inside the home should be a priority. The potential of roof or gutter deteriorating due to storm or rain is not something you should ever take lightly. Throughout rain or storm season, your house is continually at the clemency of powerful winds and rain.

Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane

During the Queensland rainy season, we are not the only ones looking for shelter. Building inspections identify building defects and problems that impact your home and present you with a complete report about your property. Termites, ants, and other larger pest are looking to keep warm and dry. The last thing you want is structural damage as well as a pest infestation. A complete building and pest inspection will discover if you and your family are really alone in your home.

For numerous building owners, the rain season implies many problems. From roof leaks to flood and lightning, the rain season carries with it a range of provocations. But by applying some simple safety measures before the rainy season starts, you will get through this period without significant challenges.

Some of the precautions that you can take are:

  • Clearing out gutters.
  • Making sure downpipes are blocked.
  • Making sure the drains surrounding your property are clear.
  • If you are aware of a leak, make sure you are able to contain the issue rather than let water spread throughout the inside of your home.
  • Tie down any loose objects outside your property.

Whether you’re dreaming of buying a house or you have one, building and pest inspections are a must. Building and pests inspections are best to be undertaken by a specialist, who can efficiently, provide a complete report on the state of the building. 

Here at ABIS, our building and pest inspectors are fully qualified and we work on site all over Brisbane to detect any threats to the building, pest action, hot spots and any existent noticeable damage. Building and pests inspections mean an internal and external inspection, fully inspecting the building and surrounding environment for any sign of pest activity. A proper pest inspection includes diagnosis of the following spaces: land, garden, drainage, exterior, house interior, and roof area.

Your house is one of the most valuable and significant investments you will ever make - ensure you invest in a building and pest inspection so there is no expensive surprise in the future.


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