Conducting Your Own Home Inspection

Putting up your home for sale is never an easy journey to undertake. There is renovating the home to ensure its in the best shape and finding a sale value that is not too low or too high. Then there is letting strangers into your home to view and answering all of their questions. However, before you begin this journey, there are plenty of tasks to complete. The most important one is doing a building and pest inspection. This inspection may not affect the sale of the house, but it may help a prospective buyer understand its condition before making an offer.

Leaking Shower Closet - Building & Pest Inspection - Common Defects No 5

No 5. Leaking Shower Closet

Leaking Shower

A shower that is leaking into the surrounding walls is one of the most common problems detected during our Pre-Purchase Building Inspections. What is not fully appreciated by the average homeowner is that bathrooms and in particular the waterproofing membranes to showers have a limited life compared with the rest of the building.


There are plenty of myths abound when it comes to getting pre-purchase building inspections for property in Brisbane. From the myth that all home inspectors are qualified and have the necessary experience to be trusted and do a good job. Such a myth is false and might leave one open to a scam artist who will leave trick you into believing that a building is safe and might put your family and friends in danger.

Building Inspector

What to look for in a Pre-Purchase Building Inspector

Building Inspector

We have seen an increasing number of inexperienced, unlicensed and uninsured builders and others setting themselves up as a Building Inspector and conducting pre-purchase building inspections. To protect yourself it is essential to check four key things.

Dealing with roof damage

Before handing over your home to the sales agents to advertise and put it up for sale, there is one thing homeowners tend to forget; and that is the roof. Because it is high up, one can be forgiven for overlooking it. However, a roof is as vital to a home as the windows, doors and electricity and it should be treated as such. Any fault with the roof may set back family hundreds of dollars or lower the price listing of the home.