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Blockwork refers to the construction of any structure with concrete or cement blocks. Concrete blocks are typically rectangular, grey in colour and larger than a standard clay brick, with a hollow interior cavity.

This improves their insulation capacity and makes them lighter to work with. Blocks have become a popular alternative to traditional clay fired bricks, because of their convenience and cost effectiveness.

They are also popular for their enhanced fire resistance, thermal insulation and durability, though they are generally not left bare for aesthetic reasons. In the residential setting they are often used to build the partition walls in a home and retaining walls.

Benefits of concrete:
Concrete is a versatile material with a range of advantages for building and construction applications that includes:

  • durability - concrete is an extremely durable material
  • low maintenance - if the home is on solid foundations there should be very little maintenance required of concrete block walls
  • natural material - concrete is recyclable
  • energy efficient -hollow concrete blocks can be filled with a variety of insulating materials to further enhance their thermal capacity
  • fire resistant - concrete is non-combustible
  • insect proof
  • acoustic insulation - concrete is also efficient at keeping noise at bay
  • because concrete is a porous material it needs to be sealed 

Blockwork Picture