Timber or Steel Battens

Roof Batten Picture

A Batten is a small section of timber or steel which provides a means of supporting, positioning or fixing roof cladding and ceiling sheets

  • Tile batten - a batten parallel to the eaves line and at right angles to the rafters to which tiles are fixed.
  • Clipping batten - a batten fixed to the rafters directly behind the fascia. Used for fixing the bottom course of tiles when sarking is not specified.
  • Counter batten - a batten fixed on top of the rafters to allow sarking to sag where ceiling lining (with exposed beams) is used.
  • Tilting batten - a batten fixed to the eaves end of a pitched roof to maintain the roof slope at the eaves course. The fascia board is usually used for this purpose.
  • Wiring batten - an intermediate batten for wiring of tiles.
  • Ceiling Batten - a batten fixed to ceiling joists or the bottom court of trusses to allow the attachment of ceiling sheets.

Roof Battens run perpendicular to, and over the top of the rafters. They are fixed on the outer side of the rafters and are designed as bending members spanning between the rafters and loaded by gravity forces from construction or by wind uplift forces transmitted through the sheeting. While they have a structural function for the overall roof frame, they are principally the support for the roof cover.