Increasingly, the internet is becoming the way property is bought and sold. Property buyers are not only initiating their decision-making process via the internet, but are also demanding more of real estate professionals including valuations, searches, floor plans, photographs, and inspection reports. They're well researched and they want instant access to all the information they need to make their decision.

Previously, much of the critical information upon which property contracts were conditional only came to light after the contract was signed and a Pre-Purchase Inspection conducted. In the meantime, everyone involved was negotiating in the dark. Any nasty expensive surprises after the fact meant renegotiation or worse still... the contract being cancelled.

Doesn't providing this information right up front when listing make better sense? It makes the whole process simpler for everyone.

A Pre-Sale Inspection:

A Pre-Sale Inspection documents the condition of the property together with any problems that may need to be rectified and dealt with prior to listing. Providing a Pre-Sale Inspection Report gives the buyer a greater sense of confidence and certainty. Transparency better protects the listing price and gives the vendor a greater chance of more reliable offers which translate to a better selling price.

This inspection protects both you and your vendor, long after the contract has settled, from the buyer making any claims against you for misrepresenting the property and/or concealing defects..

Instead, by having a Building and Timber Pest Inspection when their property is listed, vendors can rectify identified problems or develop a strategy to manage any potential threat these problems may pose to their sale. This enables everyone involved to better manage the sale to reduce the risk of contracts falling through.

Besides, satisfied buyers who don't end up with costly surprises become repeat clients who recommend you to others. Pre-Sale Property Inspections reduce litigation, demonstrate integrity, and provide you with the added value of referral. Suggesting a property inspection lets your clients know that, as a professional, you are genuinely concerned with their best interests.

The advantages of a Pre-Sale Inspection are:

  • The vendor knows in advance exactly what is going to be in their purchaser's Building and Timber Pest Report which strengthens their negotiating position improving the speed, price and likelihood of their sale.
  • The purchaser avoids expense in time and money by having a better understanding of the property they are purchasing right up front.
  • You are fully informed from the beginning and can manage the sale process, even when there are problems with the property. Risk of contracts failing because of surprises in the purchaser's Building and Termite Reports are minimised. Risk of prosecution because of duty to disclose is also reduced.

We offer Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspections, Building Stage Inspections and Handovers all conducted by experienced, licenced and fully insured building inspectors according to AS4349.1 and AS4349.3.

And we organise everything from booking to comprehensive report delivery within 24 hours of inspection, plus we keep everyone well informed along the way.

It's all about making property transactions easier for everyone.