Building Stage Inspections

We Offer You 5 Different Stage Inspections During Building...

  1. Foundation Stage immediately before slab pour.
  2. Frame Stage when the frame is complete but before internal wall linings.
  3. Lock-Up or Waterproofing Stage when external windows and doors are installed, the roof is on, and flashing and waterproofing are complete, but before tiling of showers, bathrooms or installation of shower trays.
  4. Fixing or Pre-Painting Stage when construction is complete including carpentry prior to painting.
  5. Handover or Practical Completion is a very detailed inspection when finished ground levels have been established.

Building disputes are often due to misunderstandings. What you think you'll be getting for your money may be different from what your builder plans to deliver for the agreed price. That's why it's essential that you have a good working relationship with your builder. Resolving these mismatches before work starts will avoid a lot of grief later.

By involving an independent building inspection company such as ABIS to conduct Stage Inspections throughout the building process, at handover and prior to expiration of your warranty periods, at 6 months and 6 years after completion, problems can be detected early and corrected to avoid disputes and stress all round.